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Events - Angoulême

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Comics Festival

The international comic strip festival of Angoulême is one of the most important festivals in Europe. It takes place each year in Angoulême center and is the perfect occasion to meet new authors. A must for all comics tip fans ! The comics trip museum is open all year round.

Vintage Cars Race

For those who love vintage cars the ‘circuit des remparts’ cannot be missed. The town of Angoulême is transformed during the 3rd weekend in September with a vintage car race (the same circuit since 1939 !) rallyes and vintage car exhibitions. This festival brings together people from all over the world.

Les Gastronomades

An entire weekend around food ! In Angoulême center, meet with different chefs, local producers, food journalists. A feast for all the senses !

French Film Festival

The french film festival takes place in Angoûleme. It was at this very festival that ‘Les Intouchables’ was first discovered. The FFF is all about french cinema and its place in world cinema today – well worth a day out.